May 30, 2012

Christmas During the Civil War

Winter, 2011
No war ravaged Americans as much as our Civil War, and no war was harder on Christmas, yet there were extraordinarily touching incidents and compassion shown by troops North and South. This is a holiday article that lays out some harsh reality as well as the beauty of the human soul.

May 16, 2012

An Eye for Antiques

Winter, 2010
The world of American antiques has been in flux for several years, and I've had several questions about what's next and what would a beginning collector do today. So when ASL editor Jill Peterson offered the opportunity to talk with one of New England's leading dealers and collectors ~ Stephen Corrigan of Rockingham, Vermont ~ I jumped at the chance. Here's what Stephen says, along with comments about his collection and wonderful 1770 house.

May 1, 2012

Candles in Early America

Summer, 2010
Candles were a mainstay of everyone's existence for America's first two hundred years. They also evolved greatly during those two centuries, steadily improving as colonists found new ways to make wax that burned brighter and stood straighter even on summer nights or when close to the hearth. Here's a brief history of the American candle before the discovery of whale oil became a major source of light.